About Graham

Graham Guthrie was born to a working-class family of five children and is a life-long resident of DuBois. He is a graduate of Jefferson County-DuBois AVTS (Jeff Tech) and currently employed in retail services. He also formerly served as a City Constable for DuBois’s Third Ward.

Why I'm Running

As your next Register and Recorder, I will continue to move the office forward in many of the same ways my predecessors have; I will strive to improve accessibility to records online and make the environment inside the office more user-friendly. 

One of my main priorities if I'm elected will be to see that measures combating property fraud are implemented. I plan to implement FraudSleuth, a software-based tool that notifies property owners when any document related to a specific parcel is recorded, alerting them of possible fraudulent activity. This is especially important considering that in the wake of the pandemic, attempts in property fraud have seen an uptick and have only been increasing. Other nearby rural counties, such as Elk and Butler, have already deployed the use of the tool; and it is of my opinion that Clearfield County would be ill-advised not to follow their lead.

I will also work to expand online services to include marriage applications and virtual probate services, including the option to order said records online. Clearfield County is very large at 1,145 square miles in land area; and depending on where in the county you are, a drive just to get to the courthouse could take up to almost an hour (and that's not accounting for traffic). Other rural counties in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania have also implemented similar virtual services, and I believe it would be very beneficial for Clearfield County to have the option of being able to perform such services over the internet.

As Register and Recorder, I will work with the Clearfield County Commissioners to establish a land bank for Clearfield County; it will be an effective way to combat blight in Clearfield County, and give more power to localities in terms of dealing with blight.

I am also running to give the working people of Clearfield County an honest voice in government; as a child of a middle-class family who has lived paycheck to paycheck, I understand the strife of the downtrodden and the value of hard work; I pledge to be the champion of the hardworking people of Clearfield County from day one.

I am not running for this position to seek any kind of higher office, there is nothing I want more than to be your working Register and Recorder.