About Graham

Graham Guthrie was born to a working-class family of five children and is a life-long resident of DuBois. He is a graduate of Jefferson County-DuBois AVTS (Jeff Tech) and currently employed in retail services. He also formerly served as a City Constable for DuBois’s Third Ward.

Why I'm Running

As your next Register and Recorder, I will continue to move the office forward in many of the same ways my predecessors have; I will strive to improve accessibility to records online and make the environment inside the office more user-friendly.

I am also running to give the working people of Clearfield County an honest voice in government; as a child of a middle-class family who has lived paycheck to paycheck, I understand the strife of the downtrodden and the value of hard work; I pledge to be the champion of the hardworking people of Clearfield County from day one.

I am not running for this position to seek any kind of higher office, there is nothing I want more than to be your working Register and Recorder.